About Us

Our Mission

Our purpose is to help all kind of students in hard situations with their essays, dissertations, business reports, articles, or any other academic paper. Each one of us used to be or are still students in schools and colleges, and we know very well how hard it is sometimes to deliver a well-written assignment before the deadline. Sometimes you just can’t get the work done on your own. It might be the heavy workload, the difficult and tedious subjects, or the fact that you just want to enjoy your life as a student. Whatever your reason may be, our writers are here to help you with their many years’ experience and unique skills in writing. It has always been our mission to look after you by building strong and reliable relationships between writers and students. Rest easy knowing that you can trust us to get the highest quality work done on time. Choose your writer, get the best grade, and take it izi…

Our story

It all began 8 years ago with a group of students attending a university in Central England. The four students decided to share their knowledge in different subjects by helping each other complete different assignments. Everyone specialized in a certain topic so they all shared their paperwork and earned high grades on all their assignments. Gradually, the interest for this service started growing as they shared their idea with classmates and friends from other universities. Using the right skills and connections, the idea soon became a business with the team growing to 13 students (six of them international) from different majors and programs. One of them decided to study abroad and in 2012 graduated from one of the biggest universities in Southern California. While there, he recruited more students and expanded the business around the U.S. Finally, the business started offering its services successfully online where it became the favorite and most trustworthy website for students worldwide.

The main idea of the business is to help students with their assignments rather than profit from them; so any person who has strong writing skills and is able to provide high quality essays on time can join the team and help other students. The company has achieved success due to the fact that the ownership and management of the business comes primarily from students and authors. Today iziPen works in 22 countries, in four different languages, and is continuing to expand globally.