How it Works

how it works
how it works steps Simple, follow the 3 izi steps to get your essay on time.

1. Place your order:

Start off by giving a full description of the essay you need, including the deadline, to the writers. Remember, the more details you provide to the writers, the more you help them understand your needs so they can give you an accurate quote.

2.Select your writer:

Very soon you will receive several bids from different writers. Take your time to compare their qualifications according to their status and the different prices they offer to you. Every writer has reviews and ratings from previous jobs on his/her status, which makes your decision much easier.

3.Check your progress:

Stay updated on the status of your paper anytime you wish by contacting your writer. You will be in constant contact through live chatting. At the same time you are able to provide your writer with further instructions according to your needs. Remember, the writer will receive your payment only after he completes and delivers the job to you.

NOTE: Remember, it is you who chooses the best writer for your needs. Take your time to check writers' status and at the same time contact them online for further details. All writers are qualified for specific tasks and they have variant feedback from previous projects. Once you start your order with a writer, a countdown timer and a progress bar will appear next to your project to keep you updated on its status.

Live Chat
live chatStay updated on the status of your paper anytime you wish by contacting your writer. You can contact your writer at any time from your inbox. Feel free to discuss your paper needs and upload additional files for the order. At the same time, you will be able to provide your writer with further instructions according to your needs. Remember, you can check and request as many edits and proofreads as necessary, before the delivery of your order.
Review All the reviews on iziPen are written by customers and writers regarding their transaction

experience. This method helps all users form a more accurate opinion about others’ profiles and make a decision. After the delivery of an order, both customers and writers can write a review of up to 300 words. At the same time customers will be able to give their writers a rating of 1 to 5 stars.

All reviews are based on real facts from personal experiences and need to adhere to our review policy guidelines. We don't allow reviews that contain the following:

  • Any information that is unrelated to the actual project completed.
  • Reviews that do not accurately reflect a user's personal experience.
  • Information that violates a person’s rights.
  • Content that is defamatory, profane, vulgar, threatening, or discriminatory.

how it works
payments At iziPen you can place all of your orders for free. Once you have selected a writer’s offer you will

make a payment through PayPal, the safest online method of payment. PayPal doesn’t require you to have an account, you can make paymentsdirectly with your debit/credit card. Your writer will receive payment only after he delivers your order. All transactions are secured with SSL encryption technology. For any problems regarding payment, contact our customer support.

customer satisfation
Feeling confident Feeling confident when using services for academic assignments is essential for

our customers. At izipen we are committed to your personal satisfaction. If your order does not comply with our plagiarism policies and deadline you agreed upon, then you can submit a request to get a refund. (Please note: PayPal fees are non-refundable)